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Welcome Home to Romance

Romance At Heart Publications  is a publisher of an Electronic Magazine, electronic books, and websites where dreams are crafted and romance reigns supreme. Readers have easy access to the highest quality of writing in every romance genre. Writers can leverage publishing and promotional services through Romance at Heart, our online Magazine. Writers and readers are invited to browse the romantic e-Book Store here, and explore the Romance at Heart online forum that offers an open venue and a social center to all persons drawn by romance and reading romances of all genres. There is also a new blog on Romance at Heart where you can also indulge in your love for all things romance bu blogging with us about your favourite novels. We welcome all to our house, and hope you find what you are looking for here at Romance At Heart Publications.


We have had to change our hosting service, so please bear with us until we get all our ducks in a row and all services up and running...
I hope you all have had a truly GREAT summer, and please join us and have some fun, and maybe read a book or two this fall!


Christmas DreamChristmas always makes us nostalgic, and in that line, Kate Hofman released a fetching little tale just for the season. Of course you can always see the "Christmas in July" sales, to let this little gem add to your reading pleasure. Christmas Dream is the story of a Christmas that could have proved to be lonely, but is actually the beginning of something so much better for Damian Chotis and Cynthis Leigh As always, Kate has fashioned a pair of characters and a set of circumstances you won't soon forget. Immerse yourself in Kate's world filled with delight, imagination, and sensuous romantic tales.


A Shadow From His Past Romona's Special: If you purchase Romona Hilliger's book, A Shadow From His Past, and email a copy of your receipt to, you will receive a copy of Romona's Christmas short, A Blue Bird On His Shoulder by return email. Please designate the format you wish for your free book in your email if you do not wish to receive it in pdf.


A Lover's Cocktail Emma Keatley's first two delightful books of sensual and sometimes erotic poetry have been joined by a third titled Season and Colours of Love. It was released on June 25, 2009, and is still available in the bookstore where it remains a favourite. As always, it is a delightful experience reading Emma's poetry. We are delighted that Emma has found her own fanbase, and also hope you will visit Emma's Page for more about this delightful poet. We are hoping to have more from her in the future.


Looking Forward - Looking Back The Looking Forward, Looking Back anthology gives you three delightful books in one volume by Heather Hiestand These stories grab you and take you to a place and time when people with asthma are relegated to ships off world. It is in a filtered atmosphere where the disease might be controlled, no matter what the patient's situation. And it is here that two couples decide to buck the system. Looking Forward, Looking Back is an insightful trilogy, so find out about Heather's version of love and rebellion in this future world.



LiberationAnd for those of you who just like an "Old-Fashioned Romance" set in the 1970's, try Linda Ambrosia's Liberation. It is a wonderful story of hatred, prejudice, and the ability of love to conquer fears as an unlikely romance blooms, and love faces some pretty daunting odds in the era of the "flower children" of the late 1960's and early 70's. Liberation is an uplifting book showing the power of family, acceptance, and the triumph of the spirit. When starting over in a new country and with a new way of life, one family takes in an outcast, protects her, and makes her one of their own in more ways than one.


A Wild Love: Escape A Wild Love: Escape is a paranormal adventure short. In a world in whichShifters have been hunted to the brink of extinction, Hajj is drawn to the house he had built for his family. His island was his sanctuary, and his home there stolen from him in his absence by a greedy and ruthless man. Now, he is back, but Hajj is loathe to take matters into his own hands. He doesn't want to upset his subjects who have remained true to him even through his absence, but he is blindsided by what and who he finds residing in the house he built for his mate...


Thank you and good reading!
~Rose Brungard, Publisher RAHP~


From the Desk of Author Kate Hofman...

2007 trs capa nominee

Kate Hofman had one of her books, Navajo Dreams, nominated at The Romance Studio for one of their 2007 CAPA Awards.

Navajo Dreams is the story of Dinah Greene's lifelong love for her dream of living in Arizona. This dream ultimately drew her to the desert splendour of Sedona, Arizona, and Arizona's Grand Canyon country. This provided a wonderful place to hide from a greedy and manipulative family after the death of her abusive and cheating husband.

This place of stark and sere beauty, a place where wild still reigns, offered her sanctuary. It is a place, a somewhere her greedy mother wouldn't think to look. A dizzying trip to the Grand Canyon, however, finds her in the arms of a handsome stranger, a man she wants to get to know better, if only she dares...


2007 trs capa winner

Kate did it again with A Greek Love Story! It won a CAPA Award at The Romance Studio, one of their coveted Sensual CAPA Awards for 2007.

Nissa MacLean meets her destiny when she visits, and then helps out her best friend Louise Sinclair. Louise is expecting her brother to come for a visit, and can't get the cleaning done becasue of a sprained ankle. In offering her help, Nissa not only earns Louise's gratitude, but accidentally puts herself in Alexandros way. His initial misunderstanding about Nissa's position leads him to explore his strange attraction for this woman, and as he uncovers her secrets, he realizes that in spite of everything, he is falling in love with Nissa.

Now amid Alex's business demands, and Nissa's pregnancy, the stresses conspire to pull them apart. Can Louise step in and prove to each that their love will keep them together?...


A Sensual Seduction In keeping with tradition of striving for excellence in her writing, Kate has revised and re-edited one of her all time favourite books here at RAHP, A Sensual Seduction, with a wonderful new cover featuring Julian Fantechi.
A Sensual Seduction is the story of Poet Adam Tremayne, and his search for the perfect love. He had found her once, but lost her when she, for some reason, left the party they both had been attending. He is now just finding out exactly who she is, and more importantly, where she is now.

Writing was a somewhat lonely career, but that was fine with Annabel Browne. She has friends who are writers, artists, and that keeps her fairly busy with a social life in her own circles. She never thought to actually meet her tall dark handsome stranger, but then the Fates are not known for their subtleties, just their quirks and tricks.

Trouble begins for Adam when he returns home from a publicity tour feeling quite ill, and unable to even manage getting into his own condo safely. His neighbour, Hank St. George, arranges for a young woman to come in and care for him. It leads to a misunderstanding that will catch Adam off guard and his shocked and appalled at her showing up to a friendís for dinner. His reactions embarrassed himself by the vehemence of the result. Now Adam feels apologies are not enough, and yet he finds himself wanting more than just a few hellos and dinners from the shy and retiring young writer....

This edition is available in our bookstore.


A Greater Love Kate has revised and re-edited another of her all time favourite books here at RAHP, A Greater Love, with another wonderful new cover featuring Julian.
A Greater Love is the story of Rosalyn Grant, a talented writer, widowed, living alone in beautiful Ocean Breeze and loving it very much. It is a far cry from the place she used to be, putting up with a dying husband who only realized what he had in Rose when it was all coming to an end.

David MacGregor is basically fed up with the women he seems to attract. Being a very private and retiring man, he has had it with the usual dating scene, and is trying desperately to shake loose the leech that seems to have latched on to him after a fling in Jacksonville.

When Rosalyn finds herself involved as a witness of sorts in a neighbourís suspicious and untimely death, it triggers a chain reaction involving new friends, old acquaintances, and the possibilities of a new and very unexpected love. As Chief of Police in Ocean Breeze, David is good at his job, and yet, when his second in command, Lieutenant Erin Hanrahan, realizes the attraction between the David and Rosalyn is mutual, she decides to try her hand at a little bit of matchmaking....

This edition is available in our bookstore.


Christmas Dream

Now Kate has brought us a new Christmas Story with the December Release of her book, Christmas Dream! The weather seems colder because of the storm, and Damian Chotis is looking forward to a fire and a good strong cup of tea to warm him. As he returns home after an aborted trip to the airport to pick up his mother, he stumbles upon a stranded motorist.

Cynthis Leigh is impressed with Damianís hospitality and willingness to offer a stranded traveler a lift, even though it was out of his way. Much to her chagrin, she finds herself at his mercy once more as she finds a note on Germaineís door. A medical emergency has taken her friend to her motherís side in Montreal, and Cynthis is stuck without a place to stay, and it is Christmas Eve.

With over one thousand miles separating them, Cynthis never thinks to se Damian again, but when her one night of indiscretion leads her to the doctorís office and a Christmas present she wasnít expecting, she knows what she has to do. Even so, after all is said and done, will a Christmas fling turn into real mess or a love for all time? ...


Her Dream Lover Review

Kate Hofman continues her winning streak with her newest release of Her Dream Lover! Angela Thorne is torn apart by conflict, and that is never good for a writer. In order to escape, she has recently moved to Ocean Breeze, Florida. She is hoping for respite from a viper-tongued mother who has no concept of what it means to mind her own business.

When Luke MacLean meets Angela Thorne, all bets are off. According to his best friend, Alex Tremayne, Angela has and is currently being stalked and harassed by her ex-husband. That sets Lukeís teeth on edge, and it is something he wonít stand for, because to him, Angela is a precious commodity as a friend, and he hopes as something much more.

Will Angela and Luke be able to survive the rest of the trials their new life together will pose? Both of them being writers can pose a whole new set of problems, but that is not where the danger lies. With friends like Lisa and Alex, Adam and Mimi Stewart, and others, Angela and Luke wonít have much of a chance to fall or be torn apart, or will they?...



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FYI - Words Misused...
This is starting to bug me, SO...For those of you aspiring Writers, Published Writers, AND Editors, Listen up! This kind of "error" is really inexcusable and should be caught during the editing. For an expanding list, visit the On Better Writing page at the Magazine site. When writing, the best tip...Keep a dictionary beside you and use it.


BARE: adj. (1) Without clothing or covering; naked (2) Open to view; exposed (3) without the usual furnishings or equipment; empty (4) Unadorned; plain; bald; just sufficient; mere; threadbare.

BEAR: v. From the Olde English beran (1) To support; to hold up (2) To carry; convey; to hold visibly (3) To conduct or guide, to be pointed or aimed. (4) To spread; disseminate; to hold in the mind, maintain (5) To render or give as in to "bear witness", or to hold or withstand as in "bear the pressure" (6)To endure patiently, to suffer, to give fruit or have young, to carry burdens (7) To stand in comparison or relation, to be relevant or have relevance as in "What relation does his story bear to yours?"

LATHE: n. A machine that holds pieces of wood, metal and plastic etc., so they are cut and shaped when an operator holds cutting tools against them.

DO NOT do this to any part of my body...NO NO NO!!!

LAVE: v. From the Olde English, Poetic (1) To wash, to bathe (2) To flow against (3) To pour or throw out. From the Old English lafian which is derived from the Latin lavare

**Nowhere I looked did I find a definition for LATHE that would make me want it to be done to me...

LIGHTEN(ING): v.i. or v.t. (1) To make light , as in it thundered and lightning lightened the sky. (2) To grow brighter, as in her face lightened. (3) As used in Middle English, to enlighten, to illuminate spiritually. Or v.t. (1) to reduce a load. (2) to make less of a burden, as in lighten taxes. (3) As used in Middle English, spirits lightened. Synonyms are alleviate, mitigate

LIGHTNING: n. (1) a discharge of flash of electricity from the sky. (2) a flash of light (3) As used in the Olde English, Poetic the great brand made lightnings in the splendour of the moon (Tennyson)

TAUT: adj. (1) Pulled tight, tense as in a taut rope. (2) in a neat condition, as in a taut ship. (3) As used in Middle English, a strict person.

TAUNT: v.t. Latin derivative tantus From the Olde English, Poetic (1) To jeer, mock, reproach, or ridicule. (2) A cutting or insulting remark or sarcasm. (3) To provoke with or drive by taunts. From the Obsolete French tant por tant *tit for tat* which is derived from the Latin tauntas pro tantus *so much for that* and autant from the Middle French meaning as much and altant *so much as*

THAN: conj. (1) When, as, or if compared with; after an adjective or adverb to express comparison between what came before and what follows. (2) Except or but when used after else or other as in no other than you.

THEN: adv. (1) Denote time, at that time as in then he decided. (2) Soon or immediately after; next in place or time. (3) Having to do with sequence and sequential action i.e. wash thoroughly, dry, then bandage.

Nowhere in the Oxford or Webster's Unabridged Dictionaries, or in any other source did I find any definitions that would allow these words to be interchangeable...If you are not sure of a word, look it up.

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We are accepting author submissions in all genres as described in the
Content Preferences and Submissions page.
We are also accepting submissions for both Single and Multiple Author Anthologies, and looking toward launching another spectrum of books gauged to the Young Adult.


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Come, Love Me Again Author Romona Hilliger has withdrawn, and has rewritten and reedited her best selling book Come, Love Me Again. For those of you who wish to purchase it, Desert Breeze Publishing has published the rewritten version of Romona's touching story placed in Australia's rugged outback. One can be certain is can only get better, and it is a wonderful story to begin with, so as promised here is the information: Come, Love Me Again is available now in five formats at the Desert Breeze Bookstore.

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