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Building Suspicions

Building Suspicions
'Building Suspicions', Romantic Suspense
By Iris Ames
ISBN: 0-9754589-5-0
Pages: 147
Price: $5.50

For as long as she could remember, Grace Williams loved to spend summers with her grandmother in the Adirondack Mountains. Summers at the farm has been a safe haven from life with her domineering, socialite mother in NYC, a life that somehow had never felt right to Grace. Despite her growing career as an architect and her impending marriage to a rich, ambitious partner in the firm, Grace has a desperate sense that she is living the wrong life. When her grandmother leaves her the house in the mountains, Grace resolves to go back and try to rediscover her roots. And maybe shed some light on what she really wants.

Once there she finds herself strongly attracted to Sam Clarke, the handsome, outdoorsman she’d once loved as a girl. Sam and Grace feel an undeniable pull toward each other, despite their different lives and her fiance back in NYC . Then Grace discovers that even this peaceful village has its dark secrets including betrayal, deception, robbery and even murder. Entangled more and more in the untold mysteries and secrets of Black River, Grace is stunned to find that some of them involve her intimately.

But for her to get what she wants, she must explore them all and discover the truth. Only then can she find the peace and happiness for which she longs.

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