The Rose Of Shiraz

The year is 1870, a period at which England and Russia were engaged in “The Great Game,” political espionage in Central Asia with the aim of strengthening their influence there at each other’s expense. Rose Carson’s brother Stephen has been travelling incognito in Central Asia on her Majesty’s service. During his absence, their father hasRead more


It’s the bright summer of 1976, and the whole population of Sunbeam Township, a small Michigan suburb, is gearing up for their Bicentennial Fair. Rama Chandra, a teenage Arabic refugee, moves with his family into this sleepy little community shortly before the celebration. While visiting the local high school, he runs across Bess Hawkins, anRead more


Romance At Heart Publications will also be publishing sizzling romances under our Spicy RAH line, and will include all of the above mentioned categories for those readers who prefer a bit more spice in their reading. Our RAH and Red-Hot line will include all of the above mentioned categories as well, and will contain theRead more

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