Love and Hate

Wars and rumors of renewed wars have brought two people to the brink, Two opposing commanders forced into a marriage to seal a treaty which, unbeknownst to them, neither side is prepared to keep. Neither the Subanian General Aster nor the Harmonish Captain, Symon of Steel is happy about the way things are, and havingRead more

The Legacy of Rose House

Some might say that there are forces at work in the lives of mere mortals that are beyond human comprehension. Some might say that certain souls are meant to be together throughout time…Too bad the souls involved sometimes can’t stand the sight of each other. Catherine and Marcus are so fated. Their brief affair wasRead more

An Arrangement Among Gentlemen

She is left with just enough to make the trip, one she has been dreading, after her father dies. Olivia travels to an uncertain future in Canada, across a dangerous ocean during WW1 to marry a man she never met, A man who may not want her. Even worse – Cort, her intended, was neverRead more

Broken Strings

After hiring the talented and beautiful cellist Elvira Torres, symphony conductor Daniel Abogado finds himself a target of physical and psychological threats. To get to the bottom of them he digs into Elvira’s past. She admits that she has walked out of a bad relationship which has resulted in a pregnancy, her daughter Mia. TheRead more

For Love Of Lorenzo

Life is good for Lorenzo Monferrato. He has a doting mother, a wife who loves him, and a daughter who thinks the sun rises and sets around her daddy. His development company flourishes, and is now worth over a billion dollars. The only down to his days is Amber, his over-protective secretary, who is inRead more

All My Dreams

When Death took Loryn’s husband and daughter, the family she had built her life around, she just ran. Fixing up a house in Majorca sounds like a dream to most but she was only hiding from life. When a movie producer decides her house is perfect for a location, said life comes charging back in,Read more

A Shadow From His Past

Life hadn’t been easy for Brad Steele. At eighteen, hardworking and looking for a break he finds one, in a wealthy home. But he hadn’t bargained for the unwelcome attentions of the pampered young mistress, nor, her treachery, at his rejection – a set-up that threw him into a three-year sentence for theft. Twelve yearsRead more

Lavender Corner Books

For those of you who are looking for some good reads, Romance at Heart Publications is providing the links to our great books and authors here, in the Lavender Corner Book Store. Click on each ebook cover to read the first chapter of the ebook and or use the Paypal Buy Now button to purchaseRead more

Red Sash

Aggie had visions of being svelte and thin. But dreams of a cavalier soldier, loving her body just the way it is, has her squirming in her PJs. Maybe all this dieting has finally driven her around the bend. A visit to the doctor, and a bout with hypnosis and past life regression, shows herRead more

Laird MacKenzie’s Curse

Jenna Blake has found a home of her own. It is a slightly dilapidated Scottish castle that needs some major work and renovations. But hard work has never deterred this determined American woman from fulfilling her dreams. And neither will the resident ghost. Laird Logan McKenzie is determined not to share his humble abode withRead more

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