Mystical Hearts offers the reader a delightful flight into worlds where unicorns do exist, strange warriors fight different kinds of battles, and love really can make the world go around. Magic, too, may tease the senses here, and the delightful creatures of our author’s imagination can assist true love’s path, that is when they areRead more

Turning Thirty

Sophia Wilder is beautiful, smart, sexy, and confident. Jolie and Rachel, her best friends in the world, will be the first ones to say they agree. In their opinion, however, she needs a man to complete her life. But, everything is just how she wants it and she doesn’t see any reason to change anythingRead more

The Shattered Stair

Rowan has always had to stand alone. She fought to find her own place and meaning in a world that judged her harshly for every error. As the unwanted child of ambitious parents, she was never good enough, she could never make up for her first big mistake; being born. Jalhar was born to aRead more

Elemental Wizards: Age of Fire

In the beginning, there was the Goddess and her Consort. They were the perfect embodiment of harmony. Hers was the power of the light, of creation. His was the power of darkness, of the destruction from which she created anew. Together, they realized the need for more control in the universe, and so the GoddessRead more

Contessa’s Assets

Sexual tension has been just one of the irritants Tessa Garrity has had to deal with this week. And Detective Blaine Logan is not helping matters one little bit. A know-it-all cop, who makes her mouth water every time she sees him, he has managed to talk her into participating in a “sting” operation asRead more

Crimes of Passion

Crimes of Passion By Heather Holland–Ten years is a very long time to hold on to a dream, yet Cortland Masters continues to do everything in his power to find the only woman to ever hold his heart. He’s about to set off in search of her yet again, only this time is different. ThisRead more

FAQs and Info about E-Pubbing

To E-Publish, or not to E-Publish? Despite its swings in popularity, electronic publishing is still an industry in its infancy, an industry that is undergoing rapid change. Technological advances are continually reshaping the industry, making it extremely difficult to predict what will happen within the e-publishing sector, or how the industry may change in theRead more

Love and Hate

Wars and rumors of renewed wars have brought two people to the brink, Two opposing commanders forced into a marriage to seal a treaty which, unbeknownst to them, neither side is prepared to keep. Neither the Subanian General Aster nor the Harmonish Captain, Symon of Steel is happy about the way things are, and havingRead more

The Legacy of Rose House

Some might say that there are forces at work in the lives of mere mortals that are beyond human comprehension. Some might say that certain souls are meant to be together throughout time…Too bad the souls involved sometimes can’t stand the sight of each other. Catherine and Marcus are so fated. Their brief affair wasRead more

An Arrangement Among Gentlemen

She is left with just enough to make the trip, one she has been dreading, after her father dies. Olivia travels to an uncertain future in Canada, across a dangerous ocean during WW1 to marry a man she never met, A man who may not want her. Even worse – Cort, her intended, was neverRead more

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